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Capt. Leo Hampton

21’ Carolina Skiff DLV

Captain Leo Hampton started his love for fishing at a young age. Being the father of Capt. Leon, he passed down his knowledge to his son. He decided to take the road of being a fishing guide in 2018 after an injury he sustained in 2017. With working at his first job for over 30 years, it was time to retire due to the injury and relax while fishing. What better way to spend a day on the water making new friends and have memories made for our clients.


Capt. Leon Hampton

21’ Carolina Skiff DLX

Captain Leon Hampton was born and raised in Florida. If he isn't on the water, he is in the woods. After spending years on the water he decided he wanted to become a captain. In 2014, Capt. Leon took that road on becoming a fishing guide. He is so passionate about what he does. His main goal is to introduce people to his world and teach them all the things he knows. Capt. Leon is very knowledgeable of his surroundings. There are two things that make his trip even more special to him - Veterans and children. He is a firm believer in getting children outside and showing them what nature has to offer. As for Veterans, he feels giving back to them is what they need after they have given a lot for our country.


Capt. Mark “Hobbes” Lisle


Captain Hobbes grew up in Maryland and has had a life long passion for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. Enjoyed scuba diving, spearfishing and fishing the Mid-Atlantic region off of the Maryland, Delaware and the Carolina coasts. Relocated to the mid-west and married his wife Anita of 30 years. They have three children a son-in-law and two grandchildren. Moved to Florida in 2016 to pursue his dream of living by and working on the water.