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The Nature Coast Experience is now an authorized retailer of KOAH Spearfishing Guns.
We have many models of spearguns in-stock right here in Citrus County, Florida.
Call 224-333-1171 today and pick yours out before they are sold out!

KOAH Spearguns was born from a perception that high quality craftsmanship and innovation are the backbone to authentic quality. We wanted to create a speargun that went beyond the traditional idea of a stick with rubber bands. Our enclosed track spearguns are hand designed and custom made with the finest quality materials. We were determined to create a brand that exemplifies the best in functionality: tracking, range, and laser-sharp accuracy.

KOAH Spearguns was created out of necessity. To own a speargun that is powerful, easy to track, and most importantly accurate. All without having to follow a band chart or alter your aiming to account for power changes. These guns are not built by masses of hourly employees. They are built by a handful of  builders, in our 3000 sq ft facility,  hand focusing on every detail building them to last and perform. Every cut, turn and shape in the speargun serves as a purpose in function to aid in aiming accuracy and tracking.  The trick was making it look good. KOAH has set out to raise the bar in quality of spearguns, and we stand behind every aspect of our product.

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